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5 Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities For Kids & Adults This Festive Season

Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities

The most stunning way to celebrate this holiday is by spending time outdoors with your loved ones. The crisp fall weather and beautiful foliage outdoors are adorable. There are plenty of fun and festive outdoor activities to enjoy. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best ideas for outdoor Thanksgiving activities.

Why We Should Have Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities?

Many people traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving indoors, but there are plenty of reasons to consider taking the festivities outside. For one, being outdoors allows for more space to spread out. Outdoor Thanksgiving activities like a friendly game of touch football, a nature walk, or a bonfire can be a fun and healthy way to bond with family and friends while also getting some fresh air and exercise.

Also, being surrounded by nature can help us feel more connected to each other and to the world around us, which is a key aspect of the Thanksgiving spirit. Overall, there are many exciting reasons to consider hosting your Thanksgiving celebration outside.

5 Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities To Spread Festive Cheers

Enjoy Thanksgiving this year with the best outdoor activities. with these fun and memorable activities. From gratitude, and nature walks to outdoor feasts, create special Thanksgiving moments under the open sky.

  1. Musical Chairs: Have outdoor Thanksgiving-themed musical chairs with holiday music. For a twist, use stuffed turkeys or other Thanksgiving-themed items instead of chairs.
  2. Outdoor Craft Station: Have a craft station for creating autumn-themed crafts like leaf rubbings or pinecone bird feeders.
  3. Harvest Photo Booth: Create a photo booth area with fall-themed props and backdrops. It’s a great way to capture memories of your outdoor Thanksgiving celebration.
  4. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of things to be thankful for and send your guests on a scavenger hunt to find items in nature that match the list.
  5. Leaf Pile Fun: Rake leaves into a big pile for kids to jump in. It’s a classic fall activity that can be a lot of fun for both children and adults.

5 Thanksgiving Activities For Adults To Spice Up the Holiday

Having Thanksgiving activities for adults will make your holiday more enjoyable, interactive, and memorable. Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving activity for adults:

  1. Thanksgiving Cornhole: This activity gets everyone moving, chatting, and cheering each other on. Will also make it an excellent icebreaker.
  2. Beverages Tasting: Set up a wine or beer station with a selection of different varieties. Pair them with cheeses, crackers, and fruits for a complex tasting experience.
  3. Thanksgiving Trivia: Play Thanksgiving-themed trivia with questions about the history of the holiday, or fun facts. You can make it more competitive by dividing into teams and keeping the score.
  4. Gratitude Activity: Tell everyone to share what they’re thankful for. Then create a gratitude jar, where everyone writes down what they’re thankful for on paper and puts them in the jar. Then, you can read them aloud during dinner.
  5. Sports: Organize sports activities for adults. Also, Thanksgiving is known for football. So playing a casual game can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy.

5 Fantastic Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Are you looking to engage your kids in a Thanksgiving party? Then, you should try these outdoor Thanksgiving activities which are fun and engaging for all kids.

  1. Family Guessing: In Thanksgiving family guessing, each person takes turns to describe a family member without revealing their name. The others have to guess who it is based on the clues.
  2. Thanksgiving Coloring: Print out Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages for the kids to color. You can find free printables online or buy coloring books with Thanksgiving themes.
  3. Turkey Tag: In this one person is chosen to be the “turkey” and has to chase the other players. If the turkey tags someone, that person becomes the new turkey.
  4. Gratitude Pumpkin: Kids have to decorate a pumpkin with things they’re grateful for. They can write or draw blessings on the pumpkin, creating a visual reminder of gratitude.
  5. Make a Thanksgiving Greeting card: Tell kids to make a greeting card to send warm wishes during the holiday. And decorate it with Thanksgiving-themed drawings, and stickers, or even write a heartfelt message inside.

Decide Your Activities And Have Fun

You must try these outdoor Thanksgiving activities it will make your celebration extra special. You can also have custom Thanksgiving-themed shirts for everyone to have more fun. For this, you can check out our mythanksgivingshirts for a wide range of shirts. Have fun and enjoy this special holiday outside.

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